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Your M.O. is your hustle. Do it pain free.


Your M.O. is your hustle. Do it pain free.

Why M.O. Therapy?

Welcome to M.O. Therapy! At M.O. Therapy, our expert team identifies the root cause of your pain while creating a personalized treatment plan to achieve your goals, and you’ll always have a fun experience doing it.

Don’t let your body restrict you from reaching your full potential.

One of the best massage clinics in Markham

In just 4 years, we’ve served 1700+ clients to help them do the things they love pain free

Our Core Services


Strengthen and restore the range of motion you have lost from a damaged muscle, ligament or joint.


Promotes circulation and improves your body’s soft tissue to enhance physical performance, decreases the risk of injury and relieves stress.


A curated program designed specifically for your body. Focusing on eliminating the root cause of your pain and getting you back to 100%.


Improve function and alleviate pain in the body's musculoskeletal system with holistic manual therapy. Osteopathy promotes overall wellness and healing.

I've been dealing with some hip and lower back pain and sought treatment with AJ for a massage and Andrew for physio. AJ was amazing and was able to give a deep tissue massage that was much needed and I felt so much relief the next day. Andrew was able to figure out the cause of my pain and has since helped me try to strengthen areas that are weak and work on some strength exercises to avoid injury. After trying out many clinics, I'm happy to finally find the right help.


I visited M.O. Therapy for physical therapy treatment of a particularly painful episode of disc irritation, as directed by an ER doctor. (PSA: Lift heavy objects properly or suffer the consequences!) Carrie was friendly and easy to work with. She was professional in her assessments and patient with my concerns. Her knowledge and guidance gave me confidence towards a smooth recovery.


Can't recommend seeing Andrew enough! He was patient, understanding, kind, and most importantly, willing to create, tailor, and update a specific recovery plan which has noticeably accelerated my post-surgery recovery. The exercises he gives are simple, his explanations are thorough, and he's always attentive to even my most minute feedback.


Visited the clinic today for an appointment with Dr. Smit Desai and left feeling so much better! He truly has the knowledge and kindness needed for a wonderful chiropractor. He was patient and explained the treatments he was performing thoroughly. Would definitely recommend, and will be booking another appointment with him for sure!


Met with the RMT Christina, she was amazing. She gave me great insight on my pain and worked on my troubled areas. She was courteous to continue to ask if the pressure she was applying was good for me. I felt relief immediately and she provided me with some assistive movements at home to do to help with keeping my muscle tightness and pain. The clinic is clean and neat, and very welcoming and the receptionist was very nice, and prompt.


Conditions We Treat

We offer treatment for a range of conditions, including pain in the upper body, lower body, and various other areas such as the head and neck.

Our aim is to help you heal various types of pains, so that you can do the things you love pain free.

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Your M.O. is your hustle. Do it pain free.